Der bewohnte Garten

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A Sculpture Garden

The Journey Is the Reward

Halfway between the cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne, near the highway, is a stretch of reclaimed natural landscape. The garden or park that I am talking about has been growing for many years.

At some point many years ago the first sculptures found a final home and slowly the garden was transformed into a place for art. The natural beauty of nature was harmoniously complemented by sculptural works of art that were chosen with obligatory leisure.

The moment that visitors take their first steps along the path through the garden today, they encounter sculptures on a human scale that reflect the sensitivities of humanity.

Their surfaces are sometimes smooth, sometimes rough and layered, soaring upwards elegantly or in stylized distortion. They exude perfection and grace, but they are also marked by life and by the world in conflict. They mix beauty and horror, nature and art, escorting the viewer into spectral and enchanted realms that time and again reveal the imperfection of the world.

The sculptures propel the visitors through the garden, with every step exposing them to natural and man-made phenomena up close and in the distance. There are greatly entertaining and joyful areas, and also quiet ones. Nowhere, however, is there emptiness.

The procession of artworks, most of which were created in close collaboration with the artists specifically for this site, is intended to express appreciation for future visitors to this realm of art and nature who, perhaps for the length of their walk, will joyfully take it into their possession and inhabit it.

Udo Kittelmann



Thank you for you interest in visiting Der bewohnte Garten!

We look forward to welcoming you until September 2024.

For registration we kindly ask you to e-mail us at [email protected]

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The Foundation

“Der bewohnte Garten” (The Inhabited Garden) is a private art foundation that promotes contemporary art. The foundation focuses on the care and expansion of its sculpture garden. The foundation considers the garden a contemplative place of tranquility and self-discovery, and thus also a bridge to experiencing art as a place of relaxation.

The foundation also promotes contemporary artists with stipends, and the publication of art books, publications on contemporary artists and artworks, and in addition the financial support of museums, especially but not exclusively in the Rhineland region.

These funds may not be applied for. They are granted directly by the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees:
Emily Eick
Carola Jansen
Udo Kittelmann
Michael Zimmer

Julia Endres
Christina Wimmer

Artists represented in the Foundation Collection

Ai Weiwei
Aladag, Nevin
Barry, Robert
Bartlett, Morton
Bayrle, Thomas
Becker, Boris
Bleckner, Ross
Bonin, Cosima von
Boyce, Martin
Braegger, Tina
Cope, Markus
Copley, William N.
Condo, George
Corinth, Lovis
Cragg, Tony
De Kooning, Willem
Dodo – Dörte Clara Wolff
Eisenman, Nicole
Emin, Tracey
Evans, Cerith Wyn
Feldmann, Hans-Peter
Förg, Günther
Friedlander, Lee
Gander, Roy
Genzken, Isa
Gershuni, Moshe
Goodwin, Guy
Gormley, Antony
Götz, K.O.
Graham, Dan

Heinze, Stefanie
Hernández, Diango
Hicks, Sheila
Honert, Martin
Huyghe, Pierre
Janke, Karl Hans
Josephsohn, Hans
Junker, Karl
Kafka, Franz
Kara, Melike
Kelm, Annette
Knoebel, Imi
Koenig, Fritz
Kricke, Norbert
Kuehn, Gary
Lieshout, Joep van
Luther, Adolf
Maier, Conny
Majerus, Michel
Marcaccio, Fabian
McCarthy, Paul
Meese, Jonathan
Meppayil, Prabhavathi
Metzel, Olaf
Moore, Henry
Morris, Richard Allen
Mundt, Wilhelm
Nay, Ernst Wilhelm
Nevelson, Louise
Opie, Julian

Otterness, Tom
Prince, Richard
Reed, David
Rehberger, Tobias
Reimann, Anys
Richter, Gerhard
Rinke, Klaus
Rogers, Bunny
Ruff, Thomas
Sander, Karin
Scheibitz, Thomas
Schütte, Thomas
Schwontkowski, Norbert
Shulman, Julius
Shtini, Lui
Shi-hua, Qiu
Sintenis, Renée
Skreber, Dirk
Slominski, Andreas
Sturtevant, Elaine
Tillmans, Wolfgang
Tobias, Gert & Uwe
Trockel, Rosemarie
Ungerer, Tomi
Villèlia, Moisès
West, Franz
White, Austin Martin
Whitten, Jack
Widener, George